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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

College Productivity Tools

For Just about every student out there the 2009-2010 school year has already begun but it’s never to late for school shopping, particularly for those attending college. Tuitions and supplies such as textbooks become more costly with each passing year so I’d like to help by sharing my findings in ways to stretch your education dollar this fall.
There are a handful of online retailers out there that are dedicated to supporting scholars worldwide and, in the process, are doing their part to ensure some social and global responsibility one step at a time. Collectively their mission is essentially the same: to help make the life of the eager, knowledge thirsty consumer easier while giving back to our communities for today’s generation and those to follow.
Their mission is simple — expanding communication and understanding on a global scale. Though they realize there are many organizations offering beneficial services to the community, RosettaStone chooses to focus their support on organizations and events that incorporate one of three basic principles: language learning, diversity and culture, education and literacy. RosettaStone, in so many words, is a well-rounded company with simple and moral social responsibility standards. Whether you’re learning a new language as part of your studies or just looking to expand your cultural palette, you’ll surely find what you need at RosettaStone. With a proven track record at being the easiest and most successful way to learn a new language, you really can’t go wrong. They have products for the home, schools, business and home schooling. Choose from over 30 languages and maybe reward yourself with a trip to that country to test out your new skills on the locals.
Online retailer’s boasts the largest selection of used textbooks on the planet and that’s saying a lot. With up to 90% off of over 9 million textbooks it’s hard to find a better place to buy the essentials. also carries the largest selection of eTextbooks . What are eTextbooks? They are digital, downloadable versions of print textbooks, so you can access the same information as regular textbooks anywhere and anytime with out the hassle of carrying the weight of the real ones on your back. They sell new and used books on just about every subject out there and everything in between. When you are done with your books just sell them back to the company. As a thank you for recycling your books will automatically give you an extra 10% back! How great is that?
The largely popular Apple MacBook is not only the perfect laptop computer for students, but it’s “greener” than most other electronics out there. Apple’s company as a whole has taken a stand to create products that help reduce our carbon footprint so we can continue to use the tools we rely on the most without further contributing to the demise of the home we all love and cherish. Since October of 2008 Apple has been providing costumers with estimates of greenhouse gas emissions generated by each new product sold. For example, the manufacturing and use of the fabulously popular MacBook results in 460 kg C02e emissions over four years. Based on EPA findings, that’s about the same amount the average car emits in just one month! That’s pretty impressive. It’s good to know that Apple cares, especially considering how many products they create that we as students and people of the work force rely on daily.
To tie this all together we must consider the fees incurred in order to be a student. Finding a loan that’s right for you as an individual can be down right nauseating some times. With so many predatory lenders out there the last thing you need is for all of your hard work and dedication as a student to seem fruitless when you proudly accept your degree. recognizes the importance of focusing on education rather than dwelling on debt. By using their system they can help you find a loan that is catered specifically to your needs, goals, and financial capabilities. Here is what some people have had to say about their experience with…