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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year. A New Opportunity To Make A Difference.

Hello Everyone,
It's been a while since I've had a chance to share a blog. The holiday season has been very busy, but fruitful nonetheless. I have been very hard at work, spreading the word of Shop-Anthropy across the globe and 2010 has proven to be a very successful year for giving. We have only 2 short days before we enter into 2011 and that leaves most of us wondering what we can do to not only better our lives but the lives of others.Foruntately, with the use of you can effortlessly succeed at any number of resolutions while helping to support a large variety of non-profit organizations.

As we all know, the most common resolutions are those that are focused on healthy living such as: weight loss, healthier eating habits, exercise and an overall better way of caring for ourselves. Even more common is the number of people who fail at these resolutions. The failure itself is not necasarily related to whether or not we all have the self discipline required to succeed, but more due to lack of a real tangible reward. When we set our goals toward a thinner, healthier, more beautiful appearance; most of begin to lose encouragement fairly quickly because it is hard work that takes time and serious dedication....if we don't see that person we were hoping to see in the morror in 3-4 weeks, we tend to give up. Trust me, I speak from years and years of personal experience.

And....a thinner waistline isn't exactly cheap either! There is so much more to dieting and exercise than just calorie counting and sweating to the oldies behind drawn curtains in your living room. It's expensive to keep your refridgerator stocked with the appropriate health foods. It's difficult to find time in the day to dedicate a measley 20 minutes to basic exercise. We live in a fast paced world with temptations lurking around each and every corner. So.... I have a little something that will tap into that sensitive human nature of yours. This is something that will really keep you encouraged to "keep on truckin". Because, this is something that doesn't only affect you, it affects millions of people across the world. YOU could be the one to help YOURELF & OTHERS. YOU could be the one to improve your life & your health while providing HOPE to men, women, children, animals....our planet.... WHATEVER it is that matters most to you, because the possibilities are endless.

So here it is:
 Anything & everything that you could possibly need in order to drive that resolution home is right here at
- Weight Watchers
- Jenny Craig
- 24 Hour Futness
- Gaiam Yoga Club
- Foot Smart
- Acacia
- American Diabetes Wholesale
- Sports Authority
- Bowflex
- Spa Finder
- South Beach Diet
- The Sonoma Diet

The list goes on and on, but those are just a few of the many reatilers in which you can purchase everything such as the proper foods, the proper exercise gear and apparel, as well as fitness programs either through online trainers or gym memberships. Perhaps you simply need a day at the spa or even a spa retreat to help releive stress. There are so many options to choose from to help you succeed at a new you for 2011.

 Now heres where the "help yourself while helping others" comes in  - it's that big tangible reward I was talking about. By purchasing all of your "new you" goods through our website you can become a Shop-Anthropist just like me and millions of other folks across the nation by following these few simple steps. I promise you this will only take a few minutes of your time:
1. Visit our webiste
2. Scroll through our list of non-profit organizations
3. Choose the organization that you would most like to support and download the EZ SHOPPER APP for that group.

THAT'S IT! Once you're APP has downloaded, which takes only seconds, you can begin to shop at any one of our retailers listed on the website. For every single purchase you make a percentage of your total sale will be automatically donated to the non-profit you chose. You can change your non-profit as many times as you like, or just support the same group everytime you shop - it's totally up to you. It never costs you one single extra cent to support these organizations when you use the EZ SHOPPER APP. The amount of giving varies from retailer to retailer,but every cent counts. You can reach your personal goals everytime you shop while knowing that your simple purchase just gave an absolutely prriceless amount of hope to somebody less fortunate than you or I. When you take the time to actually think about how much help you are giving to so many different well deserving causes just by buying everyday products online, it really fills you with all the encouragement you could possibly need in order to succeed toward whatever goal you might have this new year.

AND....we now have something new to offer you that will help you to share your story on how you became a Shop-Anthropist. Once you've downloaded your shopping app, follow this link:  By filling out the form provided you can let the world know what an amazing thing you're doing and how they can become a Shop-Antrohpist too!

To each and every one of you, I wish you a fabulously joyful new year! My heart goes out with blessings of love and prosperity. May we all become soldiers for Shop-Anthropy. Together we can better the lives of our fellow human beings and the planet we share by providing a real chance at the life we were ALL intended to live by turning everyday shopping into everyday giving....everyday!

Much LOVE!
Miss Shopanthropist


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