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Friday, December 31, 2010

Start off 2011 By Becoming A ShopAnthropist!

Dear Friends,

We just polled our nonprofitshoppingmall team about our New Year's resolutions and we came up with a long list.

Corine: "Personally, I am committed to working smarter, not harder, to lose 10 pounds and to get my son tutored up so we can send him off to college.  Professionally, I am committed to embedding consumer philanthropy into everyday online shopping.  I look forward to a day when all online purchases are a giving opportunity and I am determined to make that happen -- one organization and one transaction at a time.  And, because I want ALL our clients to prosper and grow, I won’t tell whose app I’ve downloaded currently but, rest assured, I do change it up a couple of times a year."

California Surfer Dude Burt: "I am re-committing to going out there whenever the surf is up. I missed too many good mornings in the water last year because it takes an extra effort to get up before dawn and head out. But I will do it in 2011. I may just have to come to work with salt water on my skin. My EZ Shopper APP is from Surfrider Foundation and it will stay on my browser!" 
Casey: "My resolution is to get in shape so I need to start up with a regular exercise routine and stick to it! I also am committing to volunteering my time with some nonprofit organizations. I found a homeless shelter for families with kids and they need volunteers to work/tutor the kids and help with homework and stuff like that.  I'm trying to set an example for my kids, now that they're teenagers, it's not about them anymore,  it's about what you can give back. My APP supports the 
Central Asia Institute. They build schools for children in Pakistan and Afghanistan."

Eric: "I resolve to learn to play the guitar half as well as Juan, and at least one Christmas song by the end of 2011. I am also committed to exercising more regularly as I used to, and to complete at least one 90-day period of P90X. Professionally, I will strive to expand our team's knowledge of new and upcoming web technologies to provide NPSM with the most powerful online reach imaginable! My EZ Shopper App supports Children's Miracle Network."

Jasmine is determined to reconnect with a life-long best friend and take a girls' trip. "I also have a standing resolution to always spend at least a moment each day reading a book. In 2010 I had the Orange County Breast Feeding Coalition APP on my browser. I will start 2011 by supporting St. Bernard Project".

Juan: "My new year's resolution is to spend more time learning Music Theory for my guitar playing as opposed to just learning to play songs and music pieces via Tablature Notation. I never had a chance to join any music programs or band in school due to a mix-up in my schedule. Looking back at it now, I wish I had participated in the available music programs in my school. When I play my guitar, I hope to better understand what I'm doing and how to compose music. It is therefore my pledge to install the VH1 Save The Music Foundation EZ Shopper App on my computer to help support Music Education."

Lynne: 2011 will be an incredible year - I plan to take one step forward every day...and not look back! It is my year to be the healthiest I can be - mentally, physically and emotionally.  
I plan to make an effort to spend more time with those I love as well as helping those in need.  I will work hard to make the most of my affiliation with NPSM by educating those who have not discovered all the wonderful causes that can be accessed under one dynamic umbrella.  I am a child of nature so you can imagine my favorite causes to include: Oceana, National Wildlife Foundation and Surfrider Foundation.  In addition, my life experiences including the recent passing of my very close friend Nicole leads me to supporting Boarding for Breast Cancer "B4BC".  Whatever your cause....remember to be positive and keep smiling!
Marion hopes to fulfill her lifelong dream of organizing every inch of her office and her computer hard drive. "By year's end I am always overwhelmed with old files and data. Every year I make the resolution to get a clean start and to prepare my tax return on time.  It never really works out that way! I have had St. Bernard Project's APP since Fall of last year and will keep it until Mardi Gras, of course. But come March I will switch to Canine Companions in honor of my late dog and for the love of the puppy we just got at the end of 2010."

Rusty: His 2011 New Year's resolution actually KEEP his New Year's resolution (a feat never before accomplished.)
But seriously folks, I really need to: take my fish oil pills, lace 'em up and run 5K at least 3 times a week, take care of my knees, video chat with my mom weekly, and most importantly, develop an effective time management system (something us right-brained creative-types REALLY need to work on.)
Having such a HUGE heart for our little furry and feathered friends, my online purchases benefit the National Wildlife Federation.

We all hope that you will join the ranks of Shop-Anthropists and get your APP. And we would be delighted if you would share your story on our blog! Just click here and Fill out my form!

Thank you for being a Shop-Anthropist! 


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  2. Replies
    1. I will work hard to make the most of my affiliation with NPSM by educating those who have not discovered all the wonderful causes that can be accessed under one dynamic umbrella . Thanks

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