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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Final Words About Music In Education

Dear ShopAnthropists!

Our month-long focus on VH1 Save The Music is coming to an end. We have had so many responses and comments that really reflect the importance of music in our lives. Whether you play an instrument or just listen to the radio, it seems that no one can imagine a life without music.
We received more comments from our friends from all over the globe about music that we want to share with you:

Torsten Kühn, Sound Designer, Music Producer, Multi-Media Designer, Germany

 “Musikunterricht heißt nicht, den Studenten zu sagen was sie tun sollen. Zu fördern, dass die eigene Kreativität noch schlummert und darauf wartet, entdeckt zu werden, ist mein Ansatz! Sich mit Ideen zu beschäftigen, in der Musik, im Film und in der bildenden Kunst bedeutet, an oder über Grenzen hinauszugehen, das Selbstbewusstsein zu entwickeln sich diesen Grenzen zu stellen und sie weiter zu stecken. Dinge zu tun, die bis dato jenseits der eigenen Vorstellungskraft waren aber schon längst in uns schlummerten, darauf wartend entdeckt zu werden. Kreativität steckt in jedem, über die Musik bekommt sie eine Sprache, die über die herkömmlichen Grenzen unserer alltäglichen Kommunikation hinaus geht, aber doch so bekannt und vertraut ist. Diese Stimme zu finden ist ein Entwicklungsprozess, der jedem Menschen gut steht und ihn zu einem kritischen und einzigartigen, selbstbewussten Individuum macht.”

Nicole Bookman, teacher and daughter of saxophonist D.A. Bookman and granddaughter of drummer Soko Richardson

"People often underestimate the benefits of music education and view it simply as an extracurricular activity. In reality, music education is directly tied to academic success. Music requires students to use both sides of their brains and improves their reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking skills just to name a few. Music also enables students to express themselves in a way that “traditional academics” doesn’t allow. It serves as both an emotional and creative outlet. But most importantly, music education provides us with an opportunity to give students a life long gift everyone can appreciate; the love of music."

And the final word comes from our very own Juan Garcia who is living proof that music and science go hand in hand. Juan is our tech whiz who designs many of our applications and answers our random questions patiently. He also happens to play the guitar so beautifully it brings tears of joy to your eyes. We just hope he does not give up his "day job"!

Juan Garcia
Senior Application Developer at Truly Networks, Inc.
and musician!
With April Knobles, music teacher.

"Music is vital to a child's education while in school. Not only is it beneficial for the growth of the student, it is also beneficial for the school as well. Many studies have proven that children who are allowed to participate in music programs score higher in math and reading throughout their lives. They are able to work well with others and bridge cultural differences through their music. Young musicians often show leadership, discipline, and problem solving skills that are demonstrated by their willingness to put personal goals aside for the benefit of the larger community. Music acts as both a stress reliever and a creative outlet for children during the day. In addition to this, schools who maintain music education programs have a lower overall dropout rate. For some students, music class is the only thing keeping them in school. These are just a few of the many proven benefits that come from music education in schools. Children who participate in music education are happier, healthier, and an asset to the public education system."


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