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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

HURRY! Deals Of The Day for March 30

Tax Software That Gets You Every Penny You Deserve

Canadian ShopAnthropists! We just got notified of a special offer!
 For 3 days only you can get 20% off TurboTax. Simply click Start Now to get to their site.
TurboTax shopping generates 7.5% for
your charity!

ShopAnthropistes Canadiens:
Nous venons de recevoir une offre spéciale de 20% de rabais de TurboTax valable jusqu'à la fin du mois!  Chaque transaction avec TurboTax résulte en une donation de 7.5% pour votre organisation a but non lucratif. Cliquez Start Now pour atterrir sur leur site Internet.

And in the US we got a special offer for 4x6 prints from KODAK:

Starting March 31 and ending April 6:


$5 per transaction go to the charity of your choice.

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!


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