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Monday, April 25, 2011


While we may not jump out of bed to watch the Royal Wedding live on TV - we are West Coast based and the broadcast starts at 1AM over here - we are very impressed with the thoughtful young couple that turned their whole wedding into a fundraiser for many NPO's in the U.K.. We also love Kate's chic, elegant yet fresh style! It reminded us that you can never go wrong with beautiful clothes that are cut well and make the most of you! So we perused our retailer list to see where you can get items like this and be a ShopAnthropist. 

So here we go, we have done the work for you and compiled a list of all the important links. Anything you want to know, find it here:
Get the official scoop, even the Westminster Abbey Twitter feed (Yep, the wedding proceedings will be tweeted!):
If you must make a gift to the couple, go to The Charitable Gift Fund:

Young and in love? Inspired by Kate and William? Just want to shop+give, we have the International Wedding Shopping: go to our YOUR OWN "ROYAL" WEDDING Shopsite! You'll find everything from sexy lingerie at Agent Provocateur to travel, as well as gifts, wedding planning help, the perfect wedding dress and shoes and more! I personally love Cocodot, the online greeting card company that offers the most stylish, beautiful invitations and greeting cards for digital sending as well as non-toxic printing services.

For that Kate Style, we recommend Banana Republic (UK, USA and Canada!),
White House Black Market (our very own style icon Michelle Obama shops here!) , Dorothy Perkins for those cute honeymoon summer dresses, and Ted Baker for that edgy "London" look. We have many many more: go to and browse our 700 retailers! Check out Nordstrom's and Macy's!

Thank you for shopping+giving!


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