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Friday, August 26, 2011

Important Message From RAINN: Back To School Safety Tips

Dear ShopAnthropists!

As 14 million of our kids head back to college or off to college for the first time, the ugly specter of date rape and sexual abuse raises it's head. There is a lot young people can do to protect themselves from harm. This morning, we received an email newsletter from RAINN, full of valuable tips on how to stay safe!

There is more information and clear How-To instructions on their website:

You can support RAINN by downloading and installing their EZ Shopper app and shopping for all your back to school and college needs online in our special Back to School online mall. Our retailers offer us wonderful discounts. You get better prices and you can arrange shipping to your kid's new address, eliminating a lot of the moving troubles. 

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Orleans: 6 Years After Hurricane Katrina

Dear Friends,

It will be 6 years this coming Monday, August 29th, that the levees broke. And the good times are still not rolling in many parts of the Big Easy. While the French Quarter has been back in business for several years, St. Bernard is still under reconstruction.

St. Bernard Project has already rebuild 385 homes for senior citizens, people with disabilities and families with children who can not afford to have their homes rebuilt by contractors. 50 are under construction right now and much more work is to be done.
Louisiana native Britney Spears joined the effort earlier this year by becoming the first official Ambassador for SBP. Fundraising is an ongoing project but get this: SBP needs only $20,000.00 to put a family in a home!

ShopAnthropists can help!

Download and install SBP's EZ Shopper app!  Then get your New Orleans fix while shopping online! Netflix has the whole first season of HBO's Treme on DVD! Plus many films that take place in New Orleans. Get all the Jazz and Zydeco on iTunes, order your Cajun food ingredients from Dean and Deluca and have yourself a little party to help New Orleans.

If you can make it to New Orleans this weekend, go to St. Bernard's 6th Anniversary of Katrina Event at Irish House. Of course, it involved awesome food by Chef Matt Murphy and great music!

Laissez les bons temps rouler and don't forget New Orleans!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ralph Lauren, Rugby and Denim and Supply Now on!

Dear ShopAnthropists!

We are thrilled to announce two brand new retailers – and Rugby by Ralph Lauren.  One of America’s style icons for decades, Ralph Lauren really captures the flattering look that women of every age seek and desire.  His collections are chic, classic and any piece from his lines will last a lifetime.  And that’s what real fashion is all about.  I was recently in Aspen and just had to check out their latest leather collection – Sadly I had to leave without buying anything -- but the alluring scent of all that cowgirl chic was worth the trip…  What is it with him?  One thing I’ve learned, if you see something you love, buy it.  I missed my golden opportunity at Harrods last spring when he brought out his exclusive Black Label line of silk charmeuse motorcycle jackets.  Thought I’d be able to find it online stateside but was severely disappointed …

New for this year is his downtown Denim & Supply Series. Very hip, very well put together!

I was super excited to see what Rugby had to offer.  So classically collegiate – but so NOT left coast  The line also works very well for that first internship, or that entry level position – where one has to be polished but never dressed better than the boss ….Check it out –
It’s definitely Ivy League and fabulous !!

Oh – and don’t forget the RL Restaurants – Chicago, Paris and Rugby in DC….Y-U-M !!

Thank you for turning your shopping into giving!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turn On VH1 and Watch The Do Something Awards!

Dear ShopAnthropists!

You have seen the Red Carpet fashion shots. You know that Lady Gaga, David Beckham and Justin Bieber have won awards. But tonight's the night and we will find out who has won the Do Something Award. Five nominees who actually DID something and started a community cause have the chance to win 100.000 dollars for their good deed. The nominees are:

Taryn Guerrero Davis, 25
Buda, TX
The American Widow Project

David Schwartz, 25
Providence, RI
The Real Food Challenge

Sarah Cronk, 18
Bettendorf, IA
The Sparkle Effect

Mark Kabban, 23
San Diego, CA
YALLA (Youth And Leaders Living Actively)

Adam Lowy, 25
Neptune, NJ
Move for Hunger

We have the utmost respect for all of you! Fingers crossed! And a reminder: ShopAnthropists can support all these good causes with the Do Something EZ Shopper app! Download, install, shop! 

Thank you!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Congrats to Justin Bieber On His Do Something Award!

Corine and Zach had a blast last night at the VH1 Do Something Awards in Los Angeles.
"It was beautiful to see so many stars come out to celebrate Do Something! The red carpet was really A-List!"
Yep, everyone was there! Demi Lovato, feeling much better than last year, Selena Gomez and beau Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Adam Lambert, Amy Poehler, surfer champ and life hero Bethany Hamilton, Brittany Snow, David Beckham, David Spade, Dax Shepard, Gordon Ramsay, Jon Cryer, Kerry Washington, Kristen Bell, Lauren Potter, Mario Lopez, Nick Cannon, Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde, Rose McGowan, Sophia Bush, Taylor Swift, Terrence Howard, Tony Hawk, Tyra Banks, Victoria Justice, Will Ferrell, Wilson Phillips, and Zachary Levi.
Zach was totally stoked to see his favorite band Foster The People on stage.
Jane Lynch hosted! The award show will be broadcast on VH1 on Thursday, August 18th at 9PM EST.
Get all the latest news on the Twitter feed @DSAwards, shop in Do Something's Online Mall, and get the EZ Shopper app! Download now and help a great cause. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How You Can Help Your Kids' Teachers!

Dear Friends and ShopAnthropists!

There is an easy way for you to fundraise for your kids' classroom while you shop online for their back to school supplies! Enter, a non-profit organization started by teacher Charles Best that specifically helps teachers in public schools fundraise for their classroom. 
Here is how it works:
1) Your kids' teachers sign up and create their campaign.
2) You download the EZ SHOPPER APP for, do your online shopping and all your earmarked donations go directly to your kids' classroom!

DonorsChoose is such a good idea that Oprah volunteered her time to speak on their behalf.

Thanks for being a ShopAnthropist!

Click EZ SHOPPER APP to help your kids and their teachers with DonorsChoose.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Getting Ready for Back 2 School

Dear Friends and ShopAnthropists!

We are trying to just enjoy the summer and relax but we can't help but notice all those back-to-school ads on TV. Some started in July already! How annoying! It makes it so much harder to forget about the coming responsibilities. However, time flies and good deals abound among our affiliated retailers so I think we should share. But for starters, I will share a really fun German tradition: the "Schultüte". The cone-shaped gift bag is given to kids on the first day of school in what I call "the old country". The colorful cones get filled with back-to-school goodies and some candy and crayons and small gifts like that. It makes the transition from summer fun to school work a lot less painful. I have never seen them sold in the U.S. but I found a blog (MamaMamaHoney) that gives detailed instructions on how you can make your own.

Thank heaven for our sisters with crafty talent!
You can get all the necessary supplies at OFFICE DEPOT or STAPLES and generate donations for your charity of choice.

We did what we do best: we scoured our retailers for the best deals and some fun unusual stuff we can buy to get the kids ready. You find them all compiled on the Back To School page.
We also get daily new discount offers so make sure you follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get the deals.

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist and sorry for disrupting your summer dreaming!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

How You Can Help Children in Haiti and Somalia For FREE!

Dear Friends and ShopAnthropists!

There are two humanitarian catastrophes brewing right now, Haiti and Somalia, and thousands of lives are at imminent risk.

The situation:

Haiti: 600 000 are still homeless and living in shelters around Port-au-Prince. Tropical storm Emily is the first storm of the 2011 hurricane season to hit the island. Recently, the cholera cases have surged again. The coming rainstorms will deteriorate the situation critically. Doctors expect a new cholera epidemic and other tropical diseases will follow.

Somalia: 29 000 children have died of famine in refugee camps in the last 90 days. 14 children die every day! 3.2 million people are starving in the camps and a massive international relief effort is underway.
You can help! Download an EZ Shopper app, do your back to school shopping online and generate donations for Artists-for-Peace-and-Justice to help Haiti or Doctors-Without-Borders to help both Haiti and Somalia! This does not cost you a cent! Your online shopping - with the help of the widget - simply earmarks the retailers' corporate gifting dollars for the organization of your choice!

Get the EZ Shopper app:


Doctors Without Borders

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

12 More Days: SOMA Giving Is Beautiful Campaign

Dear Friends and ShopAnthropists,

We just discovered SOMA's Giving is Beautiful Campaign (it started in July but we spent too much time at the beach to notice. Mea culpa.) The lingerie retailer works with Bra Recyclers to help women in need. They found out that bras are the least donated but most needed item and they invite all SOMA shoppers to drop off or mail in new or slightly used bras to their retail locations. Please go through your drawers and select the pretty ones you don't use to donate to a very good cause! Click the photo to get to the link, store list and further instructions.

ShopAnthropists can also help by shopping at SOMA , 4% of your purchase will be earmarked for your organization.

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Dear Friends and ShopAnthropists,

Raising children is undoubtedly the biggest task in our lives, carrying the highest level of responsibility and anxiety of all. While we are concerned about budget cuts in education and health, on a personal level, we fear self destructive behavior among our teenage kids. We do have reason to worry! According to the National Institute On Drug Abuse, daily drug use among 8th to 12th graders has steadily increased over the last 2 years. One of our affiliated non-profit organizations has made it it's mission to Prevent, Intervene, Treat and Recover. The Partnership At deals with the problem of drug, alcohol and substance abuse in a multi-pronged way. Starting with Prevention, they offer the information and tools to help parents keep their children away from drugs to begin with. The next step is Intervention. Drugfree will help you recognize signs of drug abuse and help you develop the necessary conversation with your child. Get Treatment, step 3, will direct you to treatment options, including financial help and advice on how to get your child to accept the fact that he or she needs help. Finally, step 4 - Recover - addresses all the challenges of recovery, including what to do in case of a relapse.
The Partnership At Drugfree was started in the 1980ies by a group of media advertising professionals who recognized the teen drug problem and decided to apply their Madison Avenue skills to advertising NOT doing drugs. From the early media outreach, the Partnership has grown into a highly effective organization that partners nationwide with media, other non-profits, foundations, government and community organizations to keep teens off drugs.
Dr. Drew Pinsky supports the Partnership. Actress Melissa Gilbert accepted the position of first ever Celebrity Champion last winter. She has courageously shared the story of her own battle with addiction. 
Federal and state budgets for health and education have seen big cuts across the nation - with undoubtedly more to come.
You can act now and support The Partnership At by shopping from their online mall and by downloading and installing their EZ Shopper app.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Check Out Our New Daily Deals Ticker In The Sidebar!

Dear ShopAnthropists! Chèrs ShopAnthropistes!

Here at NPSM we are big fans of all the great deals we can get through our group deal providers. You can select Groupon and Deal Of The Day Canada from our shop site. Both organizations have a big heart and your good deals will earmark nice percentages for your chosen organization.

L'équipe NPSM aime les bons plans quotidien offerts par nos partenaires Groupons et 
Deal Of The Day Canada. Vous les trouvez sur notre site Shop. Les deux ont de grands cœurs et vos achats vont dédier de bels pourcentages à votre charité.

Since the deals change daily, we decided to run the feed for Groupon and Deal of The Day Canada on our blog. Please look over to the right: there it is! So, don't miss out, check the feed. To make it even easier, we are also feeding daily deals on our Facebook page! So show us some love by "liking" us on Facebook and get the best deals on your own news feed.

Puisque les offres changent tous les jours, nous avons décidé de les exposer sur le blog, veuillez voir sur la droite. Donc, ne loupez pas les bonnes affaires, visitez notre site chaque jour. Pour faciliter les choses, nous avons aussi installé la transmission des Affaires Du Jour sur notre page Facebook.  Il suffit de déclarer votre amour en cliquant "J'aime" et vous trouveriez tous les bons plans sur votre fil d'actualité. 
Happy Deals - Joyeux Affaires! Marion@NPSM