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Thursday, August 4, 2011

How You Can Help Children in Haiti and Somalia For FREE!

Dear Friends and ShopAnthropists!

There are two humanitarian catastrophes brewing right now, Haiti and Somalia, and thousands of lives are at imminent risk.

The situation:

Haiti: 600 000 are still homeless and living in shelters around Port-au-Prince. Tropical storm Emily is the first storm of the 2011 hurricane season to hit the island. Recently, the cholera cases have surged again. The coming rainstorms will deteriorate the situation critically. Doctors expect a new cholera epidemic and other tropical diseases will follow.

Somalia: 29 000 children have died of famine in refugee camps in the last 90 days. 14 children die every day! 3.2 million people are starving in the camps and a massive international relief effort is underway.
You can help! Download an EZ Shopper app, do your back to school shopping online and generate donations for Artists-for-Peace-and-Justice to help Haiti or Doctors-Without-Borders to help both Haiti and Somalia! This does not cost you a cent! Your online shopping - with the help of the widget - simply earmarks the retailers' corporate gifting dollars for the organization of your choice!

Get the EZ Shopper app:


Doctors Without Borders

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!



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