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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month! Let's Shop TEAL!

Dear ShopAnthropists,

We are celebrating the National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month with our friends at Ovarian Cancer National Alliance by putting the spotlight for the month on the organization.

Ovarian cancer statistics are alarming. About 21 000 women in the United States get ovarian cancer every year. 15 000 of them will not survive. While great progress has been made in recent years in the treatment of other cancers, there has been no progress concerning ovarian cancer. The mortality rate is the same as in 1981, the first year of Ronald Reagan's presidency! We support OCNA's mission to save women's lives by shopping teal! Starting today, our affiliated retailers offer wonderful teal colored products that we have organized in a very easy to use Shop Teal category. Get OCNA's EZ Shopper app and shop for them. 

OCNA has organized many wonderful events for the month of September. A partnership with AVON Books will raise funds for them. You can double the benefit by shopping for Avon Books Kiss-and-TEAL romance novels online, go to Barnes and Noble and OCNA will get a double benefit, the Kiss and TEAL donation from Avon and the earmarked donations from Barnes and Noble!

Check out many more easy ways to help on 

Don't forget to show your support by wearing the color teal on Friday, September 2nd. Let's make a difference!

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!



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