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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Spotlight on B4BC

Dear ShopAnthropists!

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! We are happy to spotlight B4BC for the month of October. Here at npsm we all have girlfriends who have battled the Big C with breast cancer and our thoughts are with you if you are fighting for your health right now! But make no mistake, men also can get breast cancer!
B4BC focuses on reaching out to young women to educate early on to prevent, detect and avoid breast cancer. What you do in your 20ties affects what happens in your 50ties.

Please consider getting B4BC's EZ Shopper App and start earmarking your online shopping gifting percentages for B4BC.

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!

Marion @ npsm


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  2. Corine said...
    Please take couple of minutes to listen to Eve Selis sing 'Where Angels Walk' -- In this live version she dedicates the song to her late father but I feel that this easily describes and honors all men and women who've lost their battle and are now walking with the angels ....