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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Over 250 Great Gifts For Everybody! Geeks, Pets, Difficult Men - At Great Prices

Dear ShopAnthropists!

Wow, I just had a look at our holiday shopping categories and I am blown away! Corine, Lynne and Burt have worked around the clock and scouted our 700 retailers for the best deals and best gift ideas. We have over 250 great gift items listed. There is truly something for everyone. We have:
Gifts for Geeks, Gifts for Teens that will actually squeeze a happy smile out of your 14-year old,
Gifts for Pets, Kiss the Cook, and my favorite: Gift Experiences. Those happen mostly in the U.K. where those adventuresome souls live. And All That Sparkles is always a good idea for any woman!

The best part is, with every purchase you are supporting your non-profit organization while you are getting those sweet deals! And if you live in an area with crazy traffic - like us here in Southern California  - or crazy weather (not us! :-) you can get all your shopping done from home while sipping a hot chocolate.

We will be tweeting about special offers and deals to keep you all posted so go ahead and follow us @ShopAnthropy on Twitter.

Very Happy Thanksgiving!
Marion @ npsm


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