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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sharing The Love: GMAC Promotes Surfing For Autistic Children - St. Bernard Project Helps Veterans

Dear ShopAnthropists,

Despite all the chaos in the world, we have witnessed moments of beauty and great character the last few days.
Just when it seems that there is nothing but bad news, we see GMAC - that is big wave surfer world record holder Garrett McNamara - on the Today Show this morning. He could brag about that 90-foot giant face he just surfed in Portuguese waters but GMAC uses his network time to talk about what really makes him happy: surfing with autistic kids! Giving back, teaching kids all about the stoke.

And yesterday, on Veterans Day, we got an email from our friends at St. Bernard Project in New Orleans. They still have lots to do to rebuild the Lower 9th but they also have developed an amazing program to help war veterans back home in Louisiana.
Their website explains: SBP’s veterans programs are focused on addressing three problems: high unemployment rate among men and women who have served our country; affordable housing crisis; and high instance of blighted and vacant properties in the New Orleans area. By hiring and training veterans in residential construction and paying them fair and livable wages and benefits, SBP can increase its workforce to rebuild homes and further transform blighted and vacant properties and neighborhoods. Talk about a win-win! Good Work, Good Pay, and a New Mission for Soldiers and Veterans.

We hope you join the movements to change the world for the better and at least use ShopAnthropy to make your shopping count. Earmark money for your non-profit at no cost.
Through NPSM you can support SBP, Autism Speaks and Surfrider Foundation, among many others.

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Thanks for being a ShopAnthropist!
Marion @ npsm


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  2. This is a surfing event that helps raise awareness about autism. This kind of events are very close to me because I have an autistic kid.

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