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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Dear ShopAnthropists,  

We are honoring WORLD COPD DAY today, November 16th. I googled the event this morning. We are glad to see that media worldwide are helping raise awareness! Check out The Express Tribune - Herald Tribune's Asian edition - featuring an article from Karachi: World COPD Day: ‘Smoking and pollution responsible for rising lung conditions’

You can help! Attend the World COPD Day on Facebook.
Shop with npsm today and support our organization of the month: COPD Foundation!

Does ShopAnthropy make a difference? YES! 1008 Facebook fans are attending the World COPD Facebook Event. If they each spent $50 that results in 50,400.00 dollars total. Averaging 3% in funds raised for COPD Foundation would come to $1,512! That pays some office expenses!

Thanks for being a ShopAnthropist!
Marion @ npsm


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