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Friday, November 4, 2011

We Are "Beliebers"! Justin Bieber Donating Part of Proceeds Of New Album To Charity

Wow, we are impressed! Teen heart throb Justin Bieber, all of 17 years young, has started the
BELIEVE Charity Drive. Justin hopes to motivate his fans to help him raise millions for good causes worldwide and we are so on board! Bieber ShopAnthropists can do double good! For starters, download his new tunes from iTunes, 2.5% get earmarked for your charity, plus Justin will donate a portion to charity. It also works with iTunes in Great Britain, 2% get earmarked across the pond.
Secondly, you can select a charity from Justin's website to direct your contributions and TWO of them also have their very own EZ Shopper app!
NPSM and Justin share their love for the GRAMMY FOUNDATION and CITY OF HOPE.

Does ShopAnthrop make a difference?
YES! If only 10 000 supporters spend 25 dollars a month online and generate an average of 3% in earmarked donations, that results in 7,500 dollars in donations.

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!
Marion @ NPSM


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  3. Great work for good cause...Keep it up!!!

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