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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Not Too Late! Follow Us On Twitter To Find The Last Minute Great Gifts!

 Dear ShopAnthropists!

Yes, we are down to the wire.
Hanukkah starts on Tuesday and Christmas is only 9 days away.

We are still a few special gifts short on our lists. Men seem to be the most difficult to gift. We are still looking for our husbands and sons.

But good news! Our elves are hard at work to find beautiful gifts and ideas at great prices that give back. We will be tweeting in the coming days, so follow us @ShopAnthropy on Twitter to get the news.
And get started now to select the best items from our website.
We have pre-selected amazing items in all price ranges and sorted them into separate categories so shopping is fast and easy. Click and shop and get back to all the other important things on your to-do list fast.

And a hot tip for the guys on your list:
Have a Wonderful Holiday!
Marion @ NPSM


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