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Monday, March 19, 2012

Music Majors are the Most Likely Group of College Grads to Be Admitted to Medical School

Dear ShopAnthropists!

If you are wondering why you should support our Change Maker of the Month, the VH1 Save The Music Foundation, consider this!

A 2002 Canadian neurological study researched music and found music literally electrifies, at the speed of light, clusters of nerve paths in both hemispheres of our cerebral cortex that connect the neural clusters processing musical pitch, rhythm, harmony, melody, short term memory, long term memory, and emotions.
The National Association for Music Education, NAfME, formerly known as MENC, has compiled the amazing results of these studies and more.

Did you know that
Middle school and high school students who participated in instrumental music scored significantly higher than their non-band peers in standardized tests.
Students who were exposed to the music-based lessons scored a full 100 percent higher on fractions tests than those who learned in the conventional manner.
Music majors are the most likely group of college grads to be admitted to medical school.
Also, a study of 7,500 university students revealed that music majors scored the highest reading scores among all majors including English, biology, chemistry and math.
Music study can help kids understand advanced music concepts. A grasp of proportional math and fractions is a prerequisite to math at higher levels, and children who do not master these areas cannot understand more advanced math critical to high-tech fields.
Music participants received more academic honors and awards than non-music students.

Your online purchases can put an instrument into a kid's hands and change it's future!
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Thank you for supporting education and music and our kids' future!

Marion @ npsm

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Changemaker in March: VH1 Save The Music Foundation

Dear ShopAnthropists!

We are celebrating Music in Our Schools Month by making VH1 Save The Music Foundation our Changemaker of the Month. As you can imagine, VH1 and MTV do not lack in star power to get their message out. They just launched the Battle for the Bands campaign, a collaborative effort with Check out Kelly Clarkson's explanation and see how you can keep music in your classroom!

Of course, you can also shop on and make VH1 STMF "Your Cause" for the month! Get their EZ Shopper app, go to their online mall and make all your purchases benefit them.

Thank you for being a ShopAnthropist!
Marion @ npsm